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                                    Welcome to MaddenAllstars
We are a group of players that specialize on finding schemes every day to help you get to the next level. Our guides have helped over 100,000 players and are considered the best in Madden community.  MaddenAllstars guides are straight to the point and expose the biggest secrets in Madden 15. If you want to win money playing games or you just want to rank up you are in the right place. Welcome to Madden Allstars!

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Madden 16 Domination  Bundle Special Prize!

Madden 16  Defense Domination
Featuring Steelers 155 Scheme
Bengals 335 wide defense ,43 under A gap
46 playbook 46 bear under scheme, Dime flat , Big Nickle and new blitzing concepts
Tournament player defense 
destroy under center and shotgun offense
easy set ups and gameplay adjustments

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Madden 16  Offense Domination
Featuring New England Offense 
Shotgun Trips scheme 
Easy passing concept 
Beat man and Zone easily 
Shot gun Normal Y Slot Scheme 
Dominate the red Zone
best runs in the game
PA end around bonus scheme! 
Best passing scheme in Madden 16
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Madden 16 Tournament
Madden 16 Tournament
Madden 16 PS4 Blast Off Tournament $100 Prize
Starts: 3pm August 29, 2015

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Madden 16  Private Lab Session
Train with Shocker360 & MA Crew
Every year we get the game 5 days early. The crew will start labbing Offense and Defense non stop when we get our hands in the game. If you want to learn straight from Shocker360 and the MA crew hit us up with lab sessions 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm  daily. 
Lab Session : 
1 hour $25, 2 hours $45, 3 hours $70, 4 hours $100
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1 hr Lab Session $25
2 hr Lab Session $45
3 hr Lab Session $70
4 hr Lab Session $100
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Madden 16  Pro Circuit League  $125 Prize
Console: PS4 Xbox One
Max Players : 16  
Entry: $10  
Teams : any team 
Tournament rules  

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Madden 16  Ground and Pound
Featuring Super Custom playbook 
Shotgun Ace Twins run scheme
Easy passing concept 
Beat man and Zone easily 
Shotgut Split close quick pass scheme 
Dominate the red Zone
Best rush attactk in the game
Tournament scheme
Best run quick pass scheme in Madden 16
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Madden 16  Bengals Defense
43 under Blitz scheme   
43 B gap A gap Blitz 
Easy blitz concepts 
43 over plus Blitz scheme
Quarters defense scheme
Quarters B gap Blitz 
Dollar 326 Blitz scheme 
Dollar 326 run Stopper
Gameplay adjustments
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Madden 16 Elite  Bundle Special Prize!

Madden 16 Browns Tournament Offense
Pistol Ace run Scheme   
Tournament mindset 
Cancel A , B , C gap blitzes 
Enhance the run for massive yards
Quick pass system
Man and Zone beaters
Shotgun, I form Strong close, Pass Scheme 
Frustrate your opponent
Ball control offense
Availabe Now! Check out preview here!